4 Rare Types of Personal Insurance You Should Know About

No one ever thinks they need insurance – until they do. While you might grumble as you pay your premiums, you’ll be grateful for the payout if you suffer a personal accident, house disaster or other unexpected incident. When times are at their hardest, you don’t want to be worrying about money as well – so consider if you’re adequately insured for when times don’t go as smoothly as you’d like them to. While you’ll be familiar with house, car and travel insurance, some cover is less well-known – but just as important.

Income insurance.

If you became sick or injured and were unable to work, statutory sick pay might pay out as little as £85.85 a week. Could you make all your monthly commitments with a salary of just £4,464 a year? That’s why income insurance from a active broker could be a very smart move. It pays out a percentage of your usual monthly income, tax-free, to cover you if you get sick or injure yourself. That means you can stop worrying about bills and concentrate on getting better.

Medical insurance and dental payment plans.

Though the NHS is a beacon of free healthcare for all, there are times when it just can’t keep up with demand. If you’re worried about struggling with long waiting lists, crowded hospitals and treatments not available on the NHS, you might want to consider private medical insurance. A standard plan will usually cover essential treatments like consultations, surgery and hospital care. Also available are dental payment plans, which lets you spread the cost of visiting the dentist across regular monthly payments instead of big one-off bills.

Pet insurance.

For many people across Britain, pets are far more than just animals – they can be cherished family members and loving friends. But when costly veterinary bills appear, many families are faced with a harsh choice between their pet’s suffering and crippling financial costs. Pet insurance will cover the expenses such as vet fees if your dog or cat gets ill or is involved in an accident. However, it’s important to remember that it won’t cover routine treatments like check-ups and vaccinations.

Wedding insurance.

Your big day and the experience of a lifetime – but what if disaster strikes? With the cost of a wedding spiralling ever higher, the cost of an abandoned or postponed wedding could be one of the most substantial financial losses you’ll ever see. Wedding insurance will generally cover things like an injury to the bride or groom that forces you to call off the event, or mishaps such as caterers that don’t deliver. Some policies will cover damage to the wedding dress, presents, rings and even the cake.

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