A Harsh Freelancing Reminder

I have a harsh freelancing reminder for you…


A quick update from Martin:

I released my future case study on December 6th. The goal was to find a paid client within a month. And guess what? I failed! Well, I can’t even say that I failed because I didn’t try. It really is that simple.

What went wrong?

Potential clients have to know that you’re promoting yourself. I did NOT create a damn sales page. I didn’t inform the world of what I was offering. I didn’t take the first step.

Is it all over?

Nope. I showed you proof that you can teach anything for dollars. I just didn’t follow my own steps. I got distracted with a trip to Argentina, with writing about random topics, and other projects. It happens.

What can you do right now if you want to find a freelancing client?

The exact steps are summarized into a few key steps:

  1. Think of an insanely specific service. What service are you going to offer? How specific can you get? Who will want this offer?
  2. Find a way to offer it/promote it/create a sales page. Create a damn sales page or an offering page!
  3. Get the word out. Let the world know that you’re offering this dammit!
  4. Find a way to get paid. How will you get paid? Think of a payment/pricing structure.

That’s all you need to do to get started right now if you’re an aspiring freelancer.

What should aspiring freelancers not do?

You should NOT do the following under any circumstances right now:

  • Read more articles on freelancing/entrepreneurship.
  • Waste time.
  • Go on Facebook.
  • Do anything but work on your sales offering!

On another note, I compared freelancing to getting friend-zoned. The best response to this was from Justin, who wrote in with:

Good advice to convert “providing services” into “getting paid”. It’s all about the conversion, right?!

I remember in law school this interesting advice from a professor. It’s okay to do some free legal work for someone, but go ahead and send them an invoice with $0 due. That way they can see how you charge, what your rates are, and what the value of your services are. Just tell the client (ie your friend) that you went ahead and set them up in your accounting system and had your accounting system zero out the bill before it was sent.

Clever little way to show your services are worth something, give away a little teaser, and yet show that some element of your relationship is commercial.

This is well said. You have to let folks know that you charge for your services, that you need to get paid, and that you’re not always going to be free.

Go out and get what you’re worth.

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” — Friedrich Engels

2 thoughts on “A Harsh Freelancing Reminder”

  1. Nice article! Freelancing is the best way to earn in the comfort of your home. Promoting yourself right and offering the best service to clients will put you on top. Sell yourself, show off your skills and you’re on a good start.

    Great tips for newbies!!!! =D

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