Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

Don’t waste another week or even day at a crappy job that’s sucking the life out of you. Have more money in your pocket along with more time to actually do cool stuff.

Hey there, my name is Martin Dasko, the dude behind Studenomics and freelance writer for the past few years. I’m here to help you make more money and to show you that you have more time than you think you do. I want to see you make more money by using the skills that you already possess. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars or worry about getting a degree from a prestigious school. You can start making money right now!

Do you wish you had more time to get things done?

What if you had more money to play around with?

I finally got to do something totally cool this year. You may find this funny, but I got to attend my first WrestleMania live (in Miami) this past April! As a kid I always wanted to see this live spectacle. I just never had enough money saved up or I didn’t have the time (sound familiar?).

2012 is different. I finally have time and money to do whatever I want pretty much.

If wrestling isn’t your thing, it’s all good. Miami was my third trip of the year. I took off with buddies to Mexico in January and I went with my family to Puerto Plata in March. Long story short: my freelancing career has given me more time and money to do the cool things that I want to do in my life. I’m also much happier and less stressed than ever before.

To be perfectly honest, I believe that we all suffer from three of the following problems in our 20s:

  1. Not having enough time to do what we want.
  2. Living paycheck to paycheck or being broke most of the time.
  3. Not being able to figure out how to make more money.

Everything you try just doesn’t seem to work. You never have enough time for anything. You’re now in your 20s and things haven’t worked out how you hoped they would.

What’s the ideal solution that I want to help you create?

  • The ability to be in control of your life and your finances.
  • More time to work on what you want to and do what you want to.
  • More money in your pocket to actually enjoy yourself.

Wait! Is this ideal situation even possible?

Totally. Today is the day that you’re going to invest in yourself.

I have great news for you. I’ve compiled all of my research, experiences, and feedback into one super helpful guide:

Start Freelancing Now: How You Can Make Your First Buck.

I’m not here to promote some random guide that won’t do anything. I also don’t want to sell you on a dream. I want you to take the little bit of extra time that you have and turn it into a new found income.

Are you ready to finally live the life that you want?

Do you want to quit your job?

Do you want to make more money right now?

Do you have trouble finishing up big projects?

Are you alway stressed out?

Do you wish you had more savings in your account to do cool stuff?



Make more money and do what you want!

Live your life your way. And it’s not hard to do. You no longer need to live a life of restriction and suffering. Because I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Seriously… imagine waking up when you want, every day. Imagine never again having to scramble, rush, and grind through your morning routine, ever again. Imagine finding yourself with more time and less stress than ever before. How is this possible? This lifestyle is available to everybody, thanks to the secrets to living life on your own terms and living the life you want.

I’m Martin Dasko, the dude behind the Studenomics personal finance blog.

For over 4 years, I’ve been helping students and 20-somethings manage their money so they can live their lives their way. I’ve covered all the basics. Things like how to budget better, pay down debt, when to buy a home instead of renting. And so on. But that’s not the only thing I help them with.

You see, I help young people with these money problems so that they can actually do the things they want to do! Managing your money shouldn’t be restrictive. You shouldn’t feel like you’re losing out because of your budget. Your budget should be totally winning. I want you to feel liberated, and free to do the things you love! Whether that means more relaxing vacations, having all the latest gadgets, or hitting the bars and clubs guilt free every week.

Imagine living your life your way.

Seriously, I’m probably only of the only personal finance gurus (ha – guru, as if…) who actually wants you to party and live your life! Because really, living your life is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Managing your money isn’t about suffering. You should be able to:

  • Party more often,
  • Travel more often,
  • Buy more of your favourite things more often, and so on.

That’s what I’m all about. I’m all about you, making sloppy love to your awesome-tacular life!

And yes, many of my readers, just like you, have improved their lives by managing their expenses through the completely free articles on my blog. And yes, I’m really proud of how much those articles have helped people. But believe it or not, managing your expenses is NOT the best way to live the life you want.

Think about all the delicious lattes you have to stop ordering just to save $10 a week.

Think about all the stupid coupons you have to find, carefully clip out, and tediously present at the cashier, just to save $25 a week.

Think about all the restrictions and hardships you have to endure just to save $100 a week on your expenses.

You see, there’s only so much we can do about our expenses before it starts hurting our lifestyle. Things like rent, food, and so on, these are difficult and time-consuming to change, and yet they make up the bulk of our expenses! We can try out best to manage all our other expenses, but it almost feels like a waste of time. Fortunately, there is a better way to live the life you want.

Learn the easiest way to improve your lifestyle!

The best way to improve your personal finances and live the life you want is to earn more money! Think about it. Instead of sacrificing the things you love just to save a buck, imagine earning another $50, $75, $100 a week or more. You could live your life to the max, completely guilt free, and have more money to save, spend, and share.

You could make sure you’re always the life of the party. You could find more time – and more money – to pursue your passions (new guitar anyone??). You could gain the comfort and security that comes from having more money, earned with the skills and talents you already have!

Let me teach you the secret to living the life you want.

This is something that anybody can do. Whether you’re looking to make some more money on the side, or completely change to a new fulfilling and exciting career, the secret I’m about to share will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibility.

I promised you the secret to waking up whenever you want, every day. I promised you the secret to abandoning your hectic morning rush to the office just to work for somebody else. I promised you less stress and more time than ever before. And I know what you’re thinking: how can I have it all?? I know it sounds incredible, but keep reading.

This is the life of the freelancer.

Freedom. Excitement. Challenging and fulfilling work that is available to anyone. Freelancing isn’t what you thought it was. Because freelancing is so much more and it’s available to you right now!

Take it from someone who knows. I’ve been earning a living as a freelancer for over four years, and I haven’t looked back since.

Seriously, because of freelancing I have found myself traveling to Austin, Texas to meet with clients (and party too). Because of freelancing I have earned myself a comfortable, flexible lifestyle. Because of freelancing I have been able to live the life I want, and you can too.

Do you have what it takes?

But look, I’ll be honest, freelancing is not for everyone. No, some people just aren’t cut out for this lifestyle. You need to be dedicated, hard working, and driven to carve out a living freelancing, so if you’re the type who just wants to hang out in your underwear watching TV reruns and playing video games, you should stop reading now…

But if you’re willing to challenge yourself, commit to something you’re passionate about, and kick some awesome-lifestyle-butt, we’re going to have some fun together. Because when you’re a freelancer, you CAN find more time to watch more TV. And you CAN find more time to play your favourite video games. But if you’re not dedicated, and if you don’t have the right guidance, getting there gan be hard.

Ready to skip the School of Hard Knocks?

You see, I’ve been a freelancer for over four years. That’s four whole years – a university degree earned from the School of Hard Knocks. And over this time, I’ve learned two really important things:

1) Freelancing is absolutely one of the best businesses there is; and,

2) Getting started on your own is hard!

So what’s a (kind-hearted, awesome-pants-wearing) dude to do? Easy: I have collected my years of experience in “Advanced Freelance-ology” into a single-volume knowledge face-punch that will allow you to graduate from the School of Hard Knocks, without attending a single (painful) class! You’ll be able to step out into the world as a freelancer, and start making more money to do the things you love to do.

My book, Start Freelancing Now, is my little love-baby packed with over four years of hard-won experience and knowledge. It contains everything I know that will get you freelancing and making money as quickly as possible.

This bad-boy is packed with over 50 pages of 100% original (and 100% amazing) content you won’t find anywhere else. Not on my Studenomics blog, or anywhere else I’ve ever written. It covers:

  • Practical tips to help you land your first client today.
  • Proven time management techniques so that you have more time to do cool stuff.
  • Tips on how to squeeze in enough sleep to get work done.
  • How you can use your first client to get even more clients.
  • How you can be super-productive with only one hour a day.
  • All of the information you need to make more money and quit that annoying job in the near future.
  • not to mention a crap-ton more!!

I made sure that by the time you finish reading Start Freelancing Now, you’ll be equipped with absolutely everything you need to know to get started freelancing immediately. I made sure that you’ll be able to earn your first buck as a freelancer as quickly as possible. And I want to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

That’s why I’ve developed my fool-proof 100% Money Back Guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied with Start Freelancing Now within 3 months of your purchase, I will refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.

I can do this because I know that when you buy Start Freelancing Now, you’ll have everything you need to make more money as a freelancer. I’m so confident that you’ll be able to earn back your investment in yourself when you purchase Start Freelancing Now within 3 months, that if you’re disappointed, or think you’ve wasted your money at all, I will refund your purchase immediately. No hard feelings, I’m just a super nice guy.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I’m going to throw in two bonus e-books absolutely FREE. That’s right. Despite all the value in Start Freelancing Now, I’m going to give you even more. If you purchase today, you’ll also receive the Completely Conquer Your Credit Before You Hit 30 guide, as well as Deciding If You Should Rent or Buy in Your 20s guide.

Completely Conquer Your Credit Before You Hit 30 is an absolute monster. Clocking in at over 13,000 words, it includes absolutely everything you need to conquer your debt and take control of your credit cards. It also includes all the worksheets you’ll need to easily implement the debt-crushing strategies in the book.

In Deciding If You Should Rent or Buy in Your 20s, I lay out everything you need to know when deciding if home ownership is right for you. Home ownership will likely be the most important investment you’ll make in your 20s. And this book will easily save you over 20 hours in research when it comes to making this decision.

Look, I know I’m crazy. I know that there’s no need for me to throw in all this extra stuff. I mean, the two bonus e-books alone are worth WAY more than the price of Start Freelancing Now. The thing is, I want you to be so happy with your purchase, I’m willing to throw in all this extra value for FREE.

More money and less stress. The life of a freelancer is waiting for you

A life on your termsStart Freelancing Now has helped so many people find a brand new lifestyle they never dreamed of, and it can help you too. The entire e-book is only $17. Yes – that’s ONLY $17, including the two bonus e-books and worksheets. You will earn back your investment the moment you land your first client. And remember, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied, or you get a full refund, no questions asked.

The thing is, Start Freelancing Now has helped so many people, I’ve realized that at this crazy-low price, I must be completely off the rocker. I keep getting emails from happy customers who insist my price is WAY too low! If I wasn’t so determined to spread my hard-won knowledge about the freelancing lifestyle to as many people as possible, the price would already be higher. And I can’t keep the price at only $17 forever, so don’t let yourself miss this opportunity…

Get your copy now!

P.S. I still can’t believe I’m giving you everything you need to make more money and live your life your way, along with two FREE bonus e-books for only $17!

What’s included in this guide?

When you purchase your copy of this guide, you’ll be given instant access to the following:

  • Practical tips to help you land your first freelancing client today.
  • Proven time management techniques so that you have more time to do cool stuff.
  • Tips on how to squeeze in enough sleep to get work done.
  • How you can use your first client to get even MORE clients.
  • How you can be super-productive with one hour a day.
  • All of the information you need to make more money and quit that annoying job in the near future.
I’ve posted the table of  contents so that you know exactly what to expect from here. I believe in full transparency.


Why should I trust you with my money?

By this point you’ve realized that I’m clearly trying to sell you premium guide and you’re a bit hesitant. That’s perfectly natural. To prove to you that you would be making the right decision by purchasing your very own copy, allow me to share some feedback.

Let’s look at what readers like you had to say about this guide…

“This past year Martin has really honed his craft and savvy business skills through trial and error. As always this determined individual has come out on top. The by product being Start Freelancing Now. This invaluable (and very affordable!) book is loaded with practical and real advice which will give you all the vital skills you’ll need to become A competent and vigilant Freelance entrepreneur. This is an amazing and well put together guide which points out all the do’s and dont’s in the world of freelance. One thing in particular I truly enjoyed was the very thoughtful and inspiring quotes which are so relevantly dispersed before, during and at the commencement of each chapter. Martin spent endless hours reviewing some of the most successful as well as talented up and coming entrepreneurs that really have an astute sense of the profession. He also points out sure fire ways to fail in Freelancing. And we all know… It is only through the observation of other people’s failures that we can truly succeed. This book will not only give you more insight into Freelancing but it will significantly improve your business acumen and skills. Martin Dasko has never been an author to sell a dream. Instead he sells real life skills that will transform you into a competent professional. He makes it so easy for us. All of his endless hours of research, education, energy and successes are all laid out for us in this essential easy to read book. If there was a course on Freelancing, Start Freelancing Now would be the required course textbook.” — Justin Sousa, Freelance Guitar Instructor.

“It’s very easy to spend hundreds of dollars on courses and books on earning money. Martin has done all of that and condensed it into 50 pages. Even if you don’t want to freelance, the section on time management is worth the purchase price itself.” — Edward, long time reader, blogger, and entrepreneur.

“I found Martin’s Blog through an internet search on what to do after college. After reading some of his posts, I noticed that Martin really wants to help 20-somethings succeed and enjoy their prime years. Start Freelancing Now is good for anyone who needs an extra push to go down the Freelancing path. If you have any questions, you can ask him. He answers every email.” — Ryan, new blogger and English Teacher in Korea.

“Martin has been working for us for the past 18 months and my life is just so much easier since we’ve hired him. He’s is the pure extension of my brain. I don’t even have to ask him to do new stuff; he is always looking for ways to improve our sites.

I have more  time to think about the future of my company

I have someone I can always rely on to do specific tasks

I don’t have to manage each aspect of my sites, he is taking a lot of workload on his back

It dramatically increases our productivity level

Paying for a freelancer like Martin is like buying free time so you can enjoy life the way it should while the work is still being done!” — Mike, Empire Builder, the man behind The Financial Blogger.


There’s a 100% money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose. I’ll give you the whole summer to read this guide. If you don’t like it, can’t think of a freelancing idea, or just want your money back, I’ll gladly refund you your money.

I’ve put everything I have into this guide. I just want to help you achieve real results. I’m not here to rip anyone off.


Are you still not sure if this guide is right for you?

That’s cool. I’m going to tell you more about the two free guides that I’m going to throw in.

  • The main 13,000 + word Completely Conquer Credit Before You Hit 30 guide. Instant access to the best guide your friends won’t read.
  • All of the worksheets that come with the guide to help you get the maximum results.
  • A 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied upon reading this guide within 30 days.
  • All of the tools that you need to not let credit cards use you.

  • Help making the most important decision of your 20s & the ability to decide if now is the best time to rent or own.
  • How you can save tens of thousands of dollars by renting instead of owning & the biggest curse when it comes to owning a home.
  • Save yourself at least 20 hours of research and be ahead of the game! Don’t be foolish about the biggest investment you make in your 20s.
  • .. AND MUCH MORE for FREE!


How much for this amazing offer?

For a limited time you can grab all of this for only $27 $17. The price will go up to $27 very shortly. So act quick!

I want you to start freelancing right now so that you can put those business ideas to the real test. You owe it to yourself to make your own money so that you can finally quit your job one day soon.

What if I want more?

I’m going to offer an exclusive program on a limited basis. I will accept a limited number of astudents that I will mentor as they begin their freelancing careers.

What does this exclusive program contain?

  • One month of coaching.
  • Unlimited email access to me.
  • One phone call per week.
  • You will become a freelancer with more money in your pocket.

No thanks, just send me the package.

P.S. Everyone that purchases this guide will receive a 30 minute consulting session from me for FREE.