Festival of Frugality #374 – New Blog Edition

Welcome to the Festival of Frugality #374. It feels like just yesterday it was on #1.

This week I wanted the theme to be about my new blog. If any of you guys recognize my handsome picture it’s because I first started blogging over at Studenomics. Over the years, I have diversified my blogging interests, from fitness to freelancing to topics that I do not wish to discuss.

Today I humbly ask for your indulgence. How about giving Start Freelancing Now a shot? Grab a cup of coffee, look around, and let loose!

Let’s check out the exclusive articles that I included in this week’s out of control festival…

Jocelin Boutet presents 10 Easy Ways to Save Money posted at One Money Design. When you think about saving money, it can be an exciting challenge to think of new and creative ways to keep more money in your wallet! I thought of ten easy ways to save money right off the bat.

Crystal presents Started as Little Wants, Became Obsessions posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. I saw some little yard gnomes that I wanted, but pretty soon, I felt like I had to have them. Do your cravings turn into obsessions?

Mike presents How Are You Investing in Yourself? Have you put any money into your career?

Green Panda presents Why I Haven’t Bought an iPad Yet. A look at saving money by not making a major purchase for the time being.

Glen Craig presents How to Get Cheap Life Insurance posted at Free From Broke . Most like the idea of life insurance to protect and provide for their families. Many also think it’s too expensive. See how to get cheap life insurance so you can protect your family.

Sustainable PF presents Why You Should Take Care of Your Finances First posted at Sustainable Personal Finance. One of the financial virtues that our society lauds is helping others.

Lance presents Am I Crazy? Not Taking the Optimal Financial Path May Be the Right Decision posted at Money Life and More. As a personal finance blogger I often pressure myself to make the best financial decisions possible so I can be a good role model to my readers. However, at times I feel like I need to do something I want rather than what makes the most sense financially. Read on to see what has been occupying my thoughts all week.

Miss T. presents Natural Home Cleaning from Products Found In Your Home posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter. I found some great, green, natural alternatives to cleaning chemicals that you may have in your cupboard already.

Emily presents January 2013 Month in Review: Money posted at Evolving Personal Finance. Our cash flow this month was the closest ever to our projected budget, but we were over in one major category.

Jeff Rose presents Financial Advice for Newlyweds posted at Good Financial Cents. Have you thought about your finances before tying the knot? Marriage is a big step to take and financial problems may arise. That’s why it is important to be honest to each other. Just remember, the key to success is cooperation, and both parties need to come to a comfortable understanding of budgets, responsibilities, and future goals.

Nick presents How to Save Money on Gas posted at My Dollar Plan. Gas is one of the biggest line items in most people’s budgets – here are some tips on how to save!

Lazy Man presents Easy Things You Can Do to Save Money posted at Lazy Man and Money. Saving money doesn’t have to be a difficult task or require you to get two jobs. These are just a few simple ways you can save money. You can do some research to see what other things you can do to save money without having to clip coupons or sign up for deal sites.

Eddie presents 10 Priceless Gifts That We Can Give Ourselves in 2013! posted at Finance Fox. The best things in life aren’t things, and the best things that are things in life are FREE! Here are 10 priceless gifts that we can give ourselves in 2013.

Corey presents 5 Things a Recent College Graduate Should not Buy posted at Steadfast Finances. Everyone wants new stuff, but it’s not always financially wise. Find out what things college graduates should NOT buy.

MFIJ presents Identifying the Core Material Aspects of Your Life posted at My Financial Independence Journey. Life can be divided into roughly three different spheres: material, psychological, and social. Otherwise known as needs, wants, and relationships. In this post I try to tease apart the needs category and encourage the reader to consider how much money they should devote to each one to maximize their happiness.

Mike Collins presents Think Eating Healthy Is Expensive? Think Again posted at Wealthy Turtle. There’s a myth in this country that eating healthy is too expensive, but these tips prove you can eat healthy on a budget.

Wayne presents Saving Money for a Puppy posted at Young Family Finance. Families buy puppies before understanding what dog ownership will cost them. Find out how much it costs to raise a dog and how to prepare.

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