Festival of Frugality #392 : Where’s Summer?

It’s time for me to host the Festival of Frugality, the Where’s Summer edition?

So I knew that I had to post this on June 10th. I figured that it would cut into my time on the beach. Not the case at all! It’s pouring rain like crazy here. Where’s summer? How is it where you are?

Let’s get rolling!

Amanda presents 7 Frugal Alternatives to Home Security Systems posted at My Dollar Plan. Even if you don’t want to purchase a security system, there are still frugal alternatives to make sure that you are safe in our home.

Michael presents Discount Disney World Tickets posted at Financial Ramblings. If you’ve ever driven to Disney World, then you’ve likely seen the billboards advertising “discount” Disney tickets. And if you’re anything like me, you assumed that these sorts of offers were a scam. Well, guess what? It *is* possible to get Disney tickets for less than face value from legit resellers — though I still wouldn’t recommend following the billboards.

Gary presents What To Do If You Win The Lottery posted at Gajizmo. Learning what to do if you won the lottery can teach you a lot about how to handle a significant inheritance or the sudden aspects of striking it rich. We discuss the many considerations of managing wealth as well as the short vs long term factors affecting a payout now vs an annuity.

Emily presents Early Retirement Isn’t for Us posted at Evolving Personal Finance. Eight reasons why my husband and I are NOT currently pursuing early retirement or financial indepedence.

Philip presents Results of My Bike to Work Week: Tough, Sweaty and Fun posted at PT Money. Participating in the bike to work week challenge was definitely a challenge, but also a great experience. Read all about the nearly 60 miles Phil spent on his bike that week.

Adam presents Fun and Funky Ways to Make Extra Money posted at Money Rebound. Most of us could use a little extra cash and work doesn’t always have to be boring. Take a look at these fun and funky ways to make some extra cash.

Crystal presents What Do You Do With Your Fun Money? posted at Married with Debt. It’s something every financially independent couple should have: fun money. But are you really having fun with this extra cash? For me, the answer is no.

Kyle presents Saving Money By Getting Healthy posted at The Penny Hoarder. Often when you hear about approaches to health and business the word ‘holistic’ is used with a fair amount of frequency. And while for some it may just be the buzzword-du-jour, it does actually have very powerful and far reaching benefits as a concept.

Ryan presents 10 Apps for Saving Money on Groceries posted at Cash Money Life. Spending too much money at the grocery store? Try a few of these fantastic smartphone apps that will help you stick to your list and save money!

Amanda L Grossman presents House Rich and Cash Poor: How to Save Money on Your Home After the Closing posted at Frugal Confessions. Are you house rich and cash poor, meaning you live in the home of your dreams but are mortgaged to your maximum budget allowance? Experts say that your housing expenses should be no more than 30of ur monthly budget.

Sam presents Why There Should Be Inclusive Credit Scores posted at Simplefinancialfreedom. Every year thousands of Americans make mistakes that show up on their credit report.

Kevin presents The New Retirement for Some posted at Passiveincometoretire. CNN.com delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, and more. For in-depth coverage, CNN.com provides special reports, video, audio, photo galleries, and interactive guides.

Maria presents Five Ways to Save Money through Your Smart Phone posted at The Money Principle. Smart phones can be pricey; but when used properly you can save money using them. In this article we set out five ways to save money with your smart phone.

Crystal presents We’re Taking Advantage of the CHEAP Cruise Prices!!! posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. Overall, Carnival just doesn’t have a good rep right now. So what have we done? We have booked a cruise on Carnival, of course.

A Blinkin presents How To Quickly Double Your Money posted at Funancials. Using the Rule of 72 can help you estimate 1 how much money you\ll have in retirement and 2 what kind of returns you need to ensure a comfortable retirement. It can also be used as MOTIVATION to SAVE MONEY NOW because you know you won\t save more later.

Wayne presents Saving Cash and the Environment at the Same Time posted at Young Family Finance. You may think the extra steps to help the earth are a pain, but they can save you money too! Read for tips on the simple things you can do.

Suba presents Would We Have Saved Money Renting? posted at Broke Professionals. Home ownership is supposed to be the American Dream, but it wasn’t for me. Here’s how much money we lost buying a house instead of renting one.

Thanks for sticking until the end! Please check out the homepage of the Festival of Frugality.

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