Freelancers Hall of Fame

I’m going to outline other freelancers that have started making money doing something cool recently. I’m also going to have to take some credit for their work. This page will be updated as more freelancers want to write about their freelancing careers.

The good news is that this isn’t another “make money online or blogging” sort of deal. I’m going to highlight non-bloggers and people that are into all kinds of crazy stuff.

Freelancing can be done by ANYONE.

Freelancer #1 — Justin the guitar player.

My friend Justin loves to play the guitar. He’s in a band and he studied it in college. He wanted to monetize his hobby or to simply find a way to get paid more to do what he loves.

We were chatting about making money on the side and playing the guitar one day. I suggested the obvious: give guitar lessons.

Then Justin brought up how he tried this in the past, but collecting money became a hassle and he never found any good students. He also mentioned that he had no luck with finding students.

After doing more of my own research and improving my freelancing career, I got back in touch with Justin about his freelancing career.

I helped him apply tactics that are included in this guide. He also brought some of his own ideas to the table. The end result? A new freelancing career.

What tips were applied?

For example: offer a referral fee.

Justin offered a unique referral fee. If you find him a client that goes for one month worth of lessons, you’ll get your own month for free the month after. He now spends most of his time playing the guitar, either for his band, for fun, or teaching others.

Freelancer #2 — The 15 year old barber.

Our next freelancer is a young barber that invested his life savings (not that big of a deal at that age) to purchase the supplies needed to properly cut hair.

Adrian spent a few hundred dollars to buy the necessary supplies to become a barber. He then setup his own shop (seen above) in his basement as his shop. Finally he started to give haircuts to friends for free on a trial basis to see if they liked his work and to gain experience.

Is Adrian different from you? I hope not because he’s only 15 and has a lot left to learn.

At 14 he would always be into hairstyles. Most kids at that age would just grow their hair out and leave it. Not him. He’s got crazier hair than most kids.

Adrian took his passion for hairstyles and leveraged it to become the most popular barber in his high school.

Freelancer #3 — ME!

How could I create a Hall of Fame and not throw myself in it?

I’ve been freelancing for the past two years and I love it. I’ve been able to go on over a dozen trips, graduate from college debt free, and do whatever I want with my time.

What sort of freelancing do I do? I need to start off by saying that while I do run an online business, a majority of my income comes from the actual freelance services that I provide. At the moment, I write freelance articles and help others bloggers manager their sites.

Do you want to be in the freelancing hall of fame? 

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Rob. The reality is that most popular bloggers are extremely busy and have plenty of work that they don’t do want to do. This where you come in and offer to do it at a reasonable rate. They have more time, you make money. It’s a win-win.

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