How You Can Become an Expert at Marketing Right Now

Do you want to be an expert at marketing? Do you want to know how you can finally spread the word about what you’re working on?

Alright, cool.

Do you have to buy an expensive eCourse online? Do you have to hire a marketing coach? Should you go back to college for marketing?

NOPE. Screw all of that.

I took marketing courses in college. I wanted to learn as much as possible about marketing. I’ve read every book possible on marketing and spreading the word.

All of that has been helpful. I don’t regret at all. However, one key move has resulted in my greatest marketing lessons.

How can you become an expert at marketing?

I browed until I found something that resonated with me regarding marketing and becoming better at it. I found one piece of information that was undeniably correct.

Seth Godin put it best when it comes to learning marketing:

“Do it on the weekends. Volunteer and do it for a non-profit. Fundraise. Run a business online. Market a kid’s lemonade stand.

When you put your ideas in the world, then, and only then, do you know if they’re real.”

You don’t have to pay for any courses. You don’t have to earn a degree in marketing to start marketing. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars.

Just start marketing. Set something up. Get it out to the world!

What about Twitter and complex social media strategies?

I say screw those too.

Twitter is good for killing time. There’s so much noise on there that it’s impossible to filter anything out or to even find something worth reading.

Ditto for Facebook.

I say you give this a try…

Put your ideas out to the world.

I read every book on how to launch an eBook. Guess what? Nothing happened. I learned a few tricks and picked up some techniques. They don’t mean anything at the end of the day.

Wait a minute! You don’t have to read anything about marketing?

That’s not true. I’m not telling you to never do any research on marketing. Research and education are both always beneficial. Studying pricing is crucial. It’s important to understand psychology and how we behave/spend our money. Investing in an education such as an accounting certificate or business degree will help you on your journey to becoming a successful marketer.

All of the reading in the world is worthless if you don’t actually do something.

Instead of reading about marketing, just go market. Spread the word. Share your experiences with us here.

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