Freelancing Experiment — Let’s Find New Freelance Work Together

The time for theory is over. It’s now time to take action. If you want to read articles and do nothing, then leave right now. If you want to increase your income with me, then stick around and get ready!

I’ve been writing about freelancing for a long time on here now. I’m kind of bored of it now to be honest. It’s time for me to take things to the next level. It’s time to make more money. Why waste time on the same problem clients and minor issues?

I’ve covered everything possible in the field of freelancing. Now all that’s left is for me to increase my own freelancing income.

What will I do? What’s the plan to find freelance work?

Get specific as possible with service offering.

General and overall work doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to do something very specific and you really do have to niche it down. No longer can you be a “life coach” or something very broad. It’s time to get specific and solve specific problems. It’s better to be the face of a niche then to be a faceless body in a competitive market.

Offer different services.

Why not offer more?

You can learn any skill, then turn around to teach it or perform it. This is why I plan on offering different types of services. It’s time to move and offer more/different.

I’ll update more on this in the near future.

Look for higher-level work.

We all have to start somewhere. The goal is to move on and not just remain at the same level forever. That’s pathetic and lame. My plan is to look for higher-level work so that I’m not stuck at the same level. That’s torture.

Reach out.

Build it and they will come is great advice. However, you still have to get to work and get the word out. Jesus Christ himself could come down to Earth and if you don’t advertise it, nobody will know.

I plan on rolling out a full reach out program where I’ll reach out to bloggers, readers, and experts.

Create a better hire me page.

Sales copy is key. You have to make your copy top notch if you want to thrive. This is why I plan on creating a better sales page and to test otu different types of copy.

Freelance writing is great, but I’m past that stage. It’s time to make more money.

What’s your plan for making more money? I would love to hear about it…

5 thoughts on “Freelancing Experiment — Let’s Find New Freelance Work Together”

  1. I’m thinking about checking out craigslist to see if there are any “help wanted” type of jobs that might only last a few hours. I need to get a feel for what kind of tasks people are looking to have done, then put an ad on craigslist offering these kinds of services. It would be cool to do some random different things to learn some new skills, and get paid for it at the same time.

      1. Something cerebral hopefully. Not too interested in picking up dog waste or mowing grass, for example. Maybe personal assistant type stuff on a limited scale.

        The goal wouldn’t be to make a ton of money (don’t really need it) but I’m curious what markets for casual labor are out there (if I ever do need mo’ money).

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