Proof That You Can Learn Any Skill & Teach it For Dollars (Step-by-Step Guide)

“Here’s the truth you have to wrestle with: the reason that art (writing, engaging, leading, all of it) is valuable is precisely why I can’t tell you how to do it. If there were a map, there’d be no art, because art is the act of navigating without a map. Don’t you hate that? I love that there’s no map.” — Seth Godin

You can learn any skill on this planet. Even better, you can teach any skill. You can then get paid to teach this skill. You can become a freelancer in less than 24 hours and it’s easier than ever.

It’s actually pretty easy. The Internet is amazing for this!

Here’s a quick story…

In early-2010 I was single for the first time in many years. I wasn’t sure of what to do. It felt weird to be free. I had many questions on my mind. How would I approach? What would I do? I reached out to a single friend to see if he wanted to go out.

My friend recommended that I read sites on picking up girls. I laughed in his face. Why would I do that? I just wanted to go out.

I then read the site and quickly realized that you can learn anything on this planet.

  • Yes, you can learn how to be more social.
  • Yes, you can learn a new language.
  • Yes, you can figure out how to get into better shape.
  • Yes, you can learn an instrument.

You can learn anything and then teach it! It won’t be easy, but it sure as hell isn’t impossible.

Let’s create an imaginary situation…

You’re likely thinking that you don’t have any skills. Let’s say that you’re right. Let’s assume that you have no skills.

Guess what? You can pick something up and then teach it!

There are freelancers teaching and perform all sorts of random services on this planet. You’re likely thinking that you don’t have what it takes. Self-doubt is common for aspiring freelancers. I’m here to slap you across the face if you doubt yourself.

You can learn how to pick up girls and then teach someone else how to do this.

Since this is just one example, let’s go through the whole process.

Let’s look at how you can learn any skill and then teach it for dollars…

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas of things you’re good at/would like to be good at.

There are a few crucial questions that you must ask yourself and actually answer:

  • What the hell are you good at? What can you do better than others? I happen to be excellent at getting things started and finished. I love to work out. I enjoy writing.
  • What could you improve at? Some people have two left feet. I’m jealous of them. I can’t dance at all. Improving in dancing would be an understatement. I need to learn how to dance. I’m sure that I could learn and then teach it to others. I just need to take that first step.
  • What do you wish you were an expert at? I would love to be an expert at launching and getting things done. What could you improve at and get to the next level with?

I fell in love with kettlebells and unconventional training at the very first class. So I launched a site dedicated to unconventional living, Kettlebell Rebels. I love looking at new ways to train and get in shape. I’m going to write about it for a long time.

If you figured out what you’re good at, you’re in luck.

If you realized that you could improve at something, then what the hell are you waiting for? Find a way to improve.

What’s the proof that you can learn any skill? Do a quick Google search or scan through sites like Kijiji. Note how many folks are teaching whatever it is that you want to learn. They can help you become an expert.

Step 2: Think of potential customers.

Who on Earth would pay you to do this?

You have to think about this. Without customers, you don’t have much of a business. Think of an empty grocery store. Think of an empty gym.

Without PAYING customers, you don’t have a business. You have a freaking hobby. The last thing we all need is another hobby.

Who are your potential clients? Think of the specifics. Think of age, income, beliefs, places they hang out, and so on.

For example, you wouldn’t hang outside of a Burger King looking for personal training clients.

Step #3: Find a way to meet these customers (marketing).

“Advertising is like sex. Only losers pay for it.” — Jon Bond

Where are these customers at? Do you have the slightest clue?

First and foremost, the solution here is not to read more marketing blogs or books.

Seriously, stop reading marketing blogs!

Get out there and promote yourself. See what works. Throw some ideas out against the wall. See what’s working well for others. Find a way to spread the word.

Is there a group or community that you can join? You already know the answer to this. Think of where you look for help.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.” ― Steuart Henderson Britt

Step #4: Become the best in the world at what you do.

You need to become the best in the world.

Before you freak out, there’s good news. Best in the world refers to your world. So if you work at a gym, you would only have to become the best trainer at that gym, and not the whole planet Earth.

The world is the pocket of the universe where your work is done.

Nobody wants to associate with anyone down on their luck or just not on top of things.

How do you become the best?

  1. Get results for all clients. Find someone to work with you and get them results! The goal of a business is to create customers that create customers.
  2. Daily consistency. You can’t just work on things once in a while. You need to be consistent.
  3. Pay for guidance. If you’re not where you want to be, pay for help. Some of the best athletes on this planet pay to work with experts so that they become better.

That’s all I could think of. Don’t wait to become the best.

Step #5: Land a paying client.

Okay, up until now you’ve figured out what you’re good at, what you can teach others, how you can get better, and how to find customers.

Now you need to get paid.

You’ve got to get paid. You can talk all you want. It’s useless until you get paid!

How do you get paid? Charge the client! Duh.

At this point, you need to turn any free work into paid work. You need to be consistently going after clients. Most important of all, you need to find someone willing to pay you.

If you can’t find a paying client, you might just have to move on and try something new.

Step #6: Consistently do a great job.

Once you get paid, you need to ensure that you’re worth the money. Nobody enjoys giving money away. That’s why you need to prove your worth.

There’s not much to say at this point. Always show up early, deliver results, and ensure that your clients are getting better. If not, you suck as a freelancer.

Step #7: Get referrals/testimonials.

When you’re doing good work, you should be worthy of referrals and testimonials.

As your clients get results and only WHEN they get results, you need to ask for a specific referral. Just a quick thanks or praise for something you did. This is your resume/portfolio.

Step #8: Buy my freelancing book/join our program. Don’t be cheap!

I just helped you make your first dollar. You can now grab a copy on Amazon.

If you want to work with me one-on-one, you need to check out our exclusive program.

Launch now

Thanks for sticking around to the end. This article is proof that you can learn any skill on this planet and then turn around to teach it for a profit.

Good luck! I’m always here to help if you have any questions.

8 thoughts on “Proof That You Can Learn Any Skill & Teach it For Dollars (Step-by-Step Guide)”

  1. Great tips. A month ago I had no idea how to blog or set up a website or anything. Hello internet! Google and youtube are your friends. A month later the blog is up and running, there’s solid content, pretty pictures and all!

    Martin you are absolutely right, you really can learn anything! Now I need to move to the next step and teach it.

      1. To be honest, I had a computer science class in high school and college 15 years ago, and we also did some html hardcoding back then. Never heard of wordpress until I started googling “how to build a blog”. It’s been fun!

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